Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Active Voice

A few posts before this one, I mentioned that I've got a medical issue going on.

Beginning last Saturday I experienced some symptoms that resulted in a visit with my GP. He decided that the best course of action, based on symptoms, his exam, my medical history, and my age, was that I undergo a colonoscopy exam as soon as possible.

That happens tomorrow. I am in the process of preparing for the appointment as I type this, fortified with the bottomless water cup at my side and having ensured that the bathroom door down the hall is open.

My doctor has rendered no diagnosis one way or the other. I feel fine, and the original symptoms have since substantially abated.

Looking back, my previous post was too clever by half. The reality is that my first inclination was to go with a butt joke angle and what I ended up with was instead just tepid and confusing.

I am humbled by the good wishes and concern I have received expressed by both friends and ... friends I just met. Thank you.

The procedure happens tomorrow morning. Afterward Mrs. Tmj will haul my tranquilized ass carcass to the airport, from where we will make our way to the environs of Pasadena, Maryland and the home of our in laws. There we will hook up with the goddesses, who went out there last week, and enjoy a relaxing weekend by the pool.

I get to bring home my present from last Christmas! We have to check it inside a locked hard side case, and also undergo a preflight inspection by TSA, as well.

Have a great weekend.

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