Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tidy Tidy

Colonoscopy GOOD. Some tissue off to biopsy just in case.

Doctor's advice: Eat more fiber. Chillax. BRING A BOOK.

Since I was going to be travelling immediately after leaving the hospital on Thursday, they gave me a sedative that didn't have as long a recovery time as the usual stuff.

I was up about twenty five minutes after the procedure and on the road a half hour after that. But I remember NOTHING but a few sentences said by the doc during his post and then back to complete awareness halfway through eating a BK breakfast sandwich, northbound on I15 heading to the airport.

Very laid back weekend. Spent Saturday cooking ribs (whilst having my prejudice against propane soundly thrashed) and helping put up the steel siding on my brother-in-law's barn. Ribs turned out decadent, barn is tight, and I got to watch other people get hammered.

SWEET weekend.

I have the Yugo in pieces out in the garage. There's a few decades' worth of cosmoline trapped in the stock so I'm letting the hundred degree heat sweat it out. I just wipe it down morning and night. The metal parts either in the parts washer or are laying on newspaper slathered in CLP, waiting for the wood to be ready. I shot this rifle over our Christmas visit so I know it is a fair specimen mechanically. The finish shows white on parts of the receiver and barrel, the bore is pretty dark but with distinct rifling, and the handguard has a hairline crack that I'll repair once I've gotten most of the oil out of the wood.

Should be a nice little project rifle, and that's a fact.

No work these past two days. I'm supposed to have a little map tomorrow.

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