Sunday, July 13, 2008

Choice And Food And Diet

Mrs. Tmj and I are on Weight Watchers. She's been doing the points thing for since last August and has just celebrated losing fifty pounds. I started three weeks back and have so far notched a loss of eleven pounds. These eleven were the easy ones, I'm sure.
My early impression is that the system will work if I do my part - and I think that men get a lot more points to play with than women of comparable height and weight, as a tip to the male psyche. I find myself with points left over at the end of the day, more often than not, while Mrs. Tmj routinely expends a bonus point (you get a separate allocation of 35 points above your normal daily number for "emergencies") or two by snacking at the end of the day.

Back before we were attempting to be nutrition conscious we had several buffets that we enjoyed regularly. On our way home from WalMart this afternoon, Mrs. Tmj mentioned that she's found a new one up by her work that may become a weekly stop. The fee for lunch is 6.99, they have sushi and a killer salad bar. She has excellent discipline and can get her money's worth out a buffet.

There aren't any buffets that I think would return value for me as long as I am on this program. It is not good for me to hammer and tong one big meal on any day, even as an outlier, after spending weeks training myself about portion sizes, nutritional balance, and fat awareness.

But if I walked through the doors of an eatery and had to immediately jump on a table to avoid a maddened beef being chased by a pack of bowie knife weilding cutomers and a chef wearing a flamethrower followed by two assistants pushing a bathtub full of barbeque sauce...

I'd pay for a seat at the table.

Sure hope you've had a fine weekend out there. I am not so sure I'm ready for Monday. Not by a long pitch.

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