Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Friday Stumbles In Early

Last week was the first Monday - to - Friday, consecutive days, all day, every day, work week I've been able to put on the board since coming off my winter leave.

And this week would have made it two in a row, too, but for Pioneer Day falling on Thursday, and my company taking the Friday off as well.

I had a darn good three days this week. Wish the diet was going better. Wish Mrs. Tmj's job wasn't so stressful. Wish I had a candidate to vote "for" president...

... but it's gratifying to watch the Hopey Changey one chew up the furniture a little more each day; it certainly contributes to making it possible for me to vote for McCain without barfing in the booth...

But darned glad to be back in the mix just the same.

Mom works a shorter day tomorrow, and we are skipping the barbeque in favor of diet discipline. There will be cannon fire in the park beginning at five p.m..

The next four days will be make and mend here at the Team. I have major clutter issues still to deal with, but intend to commit acts of carpentry before the clock runs completely out. There may be gunfire involved - either at the Provo City Squaw Peak Range or up to my usual haunt, the Lee Kay facility up in West Valley City.

You have a fine one now, hear?

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