Saturday, July 05, 2008

On Time One Day Late

We here at the Team have a traditional Independence Day routine.

1. Burn meat in front of the house, feed friends and neighbors.
2. Haul the Team cannon down the block to Cherry Hill Park and burn some powder.
3. Shoot off fireworks in the culdesac.

Yesterday went a little differently.

Mrs. Tmj took a friend's daughter and her friend to Stadium of Fire. And at fifteen minutes shy of midnight, our friend's oldest daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

My suggestion of "Independence" for a middle name was ... gracefully... declined.

A fine time was had by all.

I have since woken up with a hellish summer cold. Mrs. Tmj, with the use of hooks and elephants, dragged me from bed so that I could make my second Weight Watchers weigh in to log a loss 8.6 pounds since beginning the program two weeks ago.

Forty two point four to go.

Happy Birthday, America. We love you!

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