Friday, July 11, 2008

Morning Rounds

Feeling better but still weak.

Being home all week has made it possible for me to pay too much attention to current events, think too much about future events. Such conditions result in me putting up comments like this:

"I understand the leadership vacuum. Better that band of campus commies and hacks chew on each others’ hands than actually coordinate a formal assault on the nation. I further believe that Pelosi and Reid may actually owe their positions to the fact that the brighter bulbs in their party (edit - were not) man enough to step up to the plate knowing what is coming.

I’m getting mighty tired of being Chicken Little but I could die a happy man being wrong … or even half wrong… about what I think is coming down the pike.

The people we elected to govern us have created a government that panders to us, then goes about its business of taking more and more oxygen out of the room. And the people we elected have recognized this for generations yet keep on adding layers and offices and regulatory agencies.

How much of our liberty, happiness, and security are those folks willing to sacrifice to keep what they have usurped?

Fannie Mae/Freddie MAC. Iran. Energy. Inflation. CFR. Where the DOW will be a week from now. Three weeks. And Jesse is miffed that his scam is threatened, McCain can’t find a reason for me to vote for him, and Obama thinks a pressing issue is that my kids can’t order off the menu if they end up in Paris.

We’ve got four thousand and counting lives on top of an unimaginable amount of money toward an ongoing investment in the freedom of over forty million people… as a means to ensure our own national security. And here we are on tenterhooks waiting for our candidates to make their next gaffe or next flip flop. Both of them.

I’m plumb past being scared. Not much I can accomplish going that route anyway. Tomorrow I talk with our financial adviser and get his best guess, then sit down with Mrs. Tmj, maybe telcon with the extended family, and make some moves. Being under the weather is just spice.

Have a weekend. Enjoy. I’m out.

And lo here I am, breathing mostly pain free, on a beautiful Friday morn waiting to find out what will be left of our investments at the end of this day.

I'm sick of being sick, and tired of being scared. Scared for my family's future, for what path our country is about to stumble down, what this election will mean for all the hard work and sacrifice of the last six years or so.

I'm leaving the investments alone. Maybe there's enough years for them to get their value back.

And now I'm going fishing. I'll even take a pan, I think. And a book, something in Prachett.

Have a fine day.

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