Saturday, July 12, 2008


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To Whom It May Concern:

America's national parks should always be the most peaceful places in our country. They should offer solitude and an opportunity for reflection. In recent years, the increasing numbers of park visitors have inescapably resulted in an increase in criminal incidents within our parks and monuments. That's why I was so encouraged to learn that the administration is considering allowing citizens to legally possess loaded firearms in our national parks.

Petty crime, drug dealing, and theft are serious issues in our national parks--and the incidence of all criminal activity as well as episodes of visitor interaction with dangerous animals have been steadily increasing over the years. I applaud the logic and common sense on display here in allowing personal firearms in our national parks. Our park rangers cannot keep up with the activity already happening in our parks, and opening up the parks to allow safe and responsible citizen possession of guns even where hunting is not allowed will enable law abiding citizens a means of defense when the overburdened Park Service employees are unable to help.

Please do open up our parks to citizens who would legally exercise their lawful right to armed self-defense. This administration would be setting a tremendously beneficial precedent by acknowledging that citizens are absolutely empowered to carry loaded weapons in our parks, and that such a situation is in no way abnormal, nor does it put at risk the wildlife that calls these parks home.


A.R. Jones
Orem, Utah

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In other news, today finds me a total of eleven pounds down since I began my diet on 20 June.

Mr. Tony Snow, late of Fox News, then White House Press Secretary, and lastly as a CNN commentator, has passed away of complications associated with his long fight against colon cancer.

He was a pro, and I will miss his take, and delivery, on what is happening in the world around us.

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