Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Friend Of The Armed Citizen?

I just got my latest unsolicited bleg from the NRA. I've never seen one like this before.

I open the CD mailer and lo and behold I have in my hands disc one of the "Personal Firearm Defense" DVD series, presented by the American Rifleman Collection. This episode covers "combat focus shooting and home defense tips".

Also included in the box is a nice silver coin with a nice George Washington quote on one side and the NRA seal on the reverse.

The promotional material says the disc is "MINE TO KEEP"... which is true, even before the "IF YOU SEND $12.95" which is in the same sentence.

I didn't ask for it. They mailed it to me; they could have mailed it to "occupant", and if it wasn't solicited from here, it's mine when it hits my mailbox. That's the law, Festus.

However, I believe that the NRA needs every cent it can get to do the good work it does so well, especially since they have this obvious gaping wound in their fundraising model that is comprised of phone banks and now this poorly executed attempt to burden members with what appears to me to be an onion skin's thickness away from an outright scam.

I kept the coin because it's not worth sending back - not because they said I could. The DVD goes, unwatched, back in the provided postage paid return envelope, with a nasty gram for whatever boiler room employee opens it.

Then I sent an email to the NRA directing them here.


Text of message I sent:

"I just returned the Personal Firearm Defense DVD I didn't ask be sent to me. I am highly irritated.

I wrote about it at


I declined your recent invitation to become a Life Member with a substantial discount off the going rate because I have been using my annual memberships as a way to contribute.

Is there a contact address I can write to where I will stop receiving blegs every other week? I recently contributed fifty dollars over the phone and now regard the decision as a mistake, especially if it puts my name in the hopper for more phone calls and even more straight- to- recycling blegs.

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