Saturday, June 21, 2008


Youngest Princess is off to Maryland. We will join her next weekend for a "kick back weekend" with the in-laws, which we planned during our Christmas visit of this past year.

CNN has a "travellers network", I guess, and they pipe a Headline News - like product into every departure lounge in every airport on the planet.

It was all politics yesterday. One of the other passengers watched for a bit as a parade of congressmen weighed in on whether we should nationalize refineries or simply imprison anybody who works for an oil company. He remarked:

"Every time I see Joe Biden's face on TV I expect a commercial for a laxative to follow."

He pulled his smart phone out of his valise and dove back in for the noise cancelling headphones and paper back book.

"Expecting coherence from congress is like hiring the Taliban to judge a beauty pageant."

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