Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Cost of Freedom.

Kim du Toit is listed by name in the Purser's List. His blog is called "A Nation of Riflemen". A native of South Africa, Kim represents just one of the millions of talented and hardworking people that make America such a wonderful place to call home. He is also dedicated to seeing that this nation and this magnificent experiment we call liberty survive.

He met two Army reservists named Walter and Adam when he attended last year's Boomershoot. They were both snipers, and getting ready to deploy to war. As a result of that meeting Kim established the Walter and Adam Fund on his site and in time since Kim and scores of others, including myself, have contributed what we could to provide the best possible shooting and humanitarian equipment/support possible. Scopes, stocks, bandaids, magazines, baby wipes and everything in between have been periodically purchased and shipped by Kim to keep our guys supplied at the pointy end.

U.S. Army Sergeant Adam J. Plumondore has been killed in action in Mosul, Iraq.

Kim's post is here.

Remember Adam. Remember why we are fighting, and who is doing the heavy lifting. Remember the stakes. And please - please find a way to help.

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