Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hipshot: State Of The Union

Judicial and cabinet appointments: Stand by for the nuclear option.

Social Security: AARP has behaved in a fairly predictable spoon- slamming- the- high- chair mode on their pet issues for the last few years. Bush just took away the spoon.

Tax/Tort Reform: Look for a bill to be published concurrent with the formal submission of the Social Security bill.

Bashar Asaad and the Ba'athists of Syria: It's not going to be a good year. It may well be your last year.

Iran: The people of Iran have been invited to storm the Bastille. Did anyone else hear what I heard? I would LOVE to have a peak in the Pentagon contingency plan files right about now.

Iraq: We are committed to a result, not any exit strategy. We stand with you until you stand on your own. Then we leave.

I predict force level reductions beginning NLT than early summer, unless Iran's strategy shifts from covert support to overt military acts... which they'd be insane to do. Oh, excuse me - we are talking about the mullahs here, aren't we?

In general: I thought it was a good speech. I don't think Bush has much angst invested in principled debate with the Democrats. He didn't speak to parties tonight - he spoke to the nation. If the minority chooses not to participate in the challenges that face us I can only hope the rest of us can carry the burden to success.

I'd like to think he intended to elicit the hisses that escaped from the left side of the house when he laid out the numbers on why and how the system is broken, but that is probably not the case. In retrospect it was probably just a bit of fortuitous timing that such a tasteless act from the floor preceded his appeal to today's parents to consider what those numbers might mean for our kids.

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Mrs. Update: One more night in the hospital. In consideration of her history of clotting problems, the medicoes intend to observe her reaction to the anticoagulant drug they are giving her in place of her regular coumadin until her incisions are healed. C'live - oh no french! *gackpatoooie!*~

I get to pick her up in the morning if all goes well.

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