Thursday, February 03, 2005

That's Enough Bawdy. Time For Some Class.

Please welcome The Anchoress to the Purser's List.

From her "About Me":

In the middle ages an Anchorite or Anchoress was a man or woman who lived in a small, sealed room inside a church, where they would have visual access to the Sanctuary and to Holy Communion. Usually there was also a small side window at which the Anchorite could converse with visitors, give counsel, receive foods, etc. Usually an Anchorite was rather a mystical and wise sort of person, steeped in prayer. Whether I am wise or holy is for The One to decide - I make no claims for myself! But as a shy type of person with a liking for anonymity, I don't mind being rather like Julian of Norwich, the wise Anchoress in Britain whose name is lost except as to the patron of her church. Consider this my window. Instead of passing me food, honest - if constructive - criticism will do! :-) Everything is copyrighted, 2005 The Anchoress. Stealing is bad, but if you drop me a note I'm nice about sharing!

I have visited her blog frequently over the last months, and often see her thoughtful comments on blogs I respect. Be sure to visit; there's a lot of good commentary and it is all well written.

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