Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Nuke 'em, Danno

I check out BeldarBlog on a weekly basis. The author, Mr. Dyer, was born and raised in Lamesa, Texas, about fifty miles north of my hometown of Midland. He's a successful trial lawyer practicing (even though he's managed to get it right now and again - his words) in Houston.

His opinions on politics and law are always worth reading. And damned entertaining, too.

His latest post addresses some *gasp* factual inconsistencies in Senate Minority (I love writing that) Leader Harry Reid's remarks about President (I REALLY love writing that, though) Bush's resubmittal of judicial nominees.

The conventional wisdom argument against overturning the senate filibuster rule by invoking constitutional conflict is that someday the Democrats will have a majority in the senate.

Harry Reid. Nancy Pelosi. Ted Kennedy. Howard Dean as DNC chair. And Hillary Clinton ready to do what it takes to win in 2008. The Left has long favored judicial fiat in favor of legislation to advance their agenda. When that wasn't an option, they've simply obstructed important legislation or played games to protect their edge in activist judges.

Nuke 'em. Tomorrow. Three years, and probably at least seven at a bare minimum, of constitutionalist appointments (look for YOUNG nominees - just a guess) will put the courts out of the thrall of Scottish Law or U.N. edicts or mere activism for most of what remains of my lifetime. That's worth the risk, at least from where I stand.

Update 15 Feb: Make sure you follow the Patterico link on "the conventional option" from Beldar's comments section.

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