Monday, February 14, 2005

Required Reading

Michael Ledeen, writing in National Review Online.

No moment lasts forever. I regard our State Department as at best a handicap in regard to effectively prosecuting the war. The Iraqis have chosen who will define their constitution. I hope that Ms. Rice is keeping a keen eye and positive control over the machinations of the old boys club.

We could do nothing worse for ourselves, or the Iraqis, than to corrupt the freedom they have so recently exercised in some overreaching attempt to provide "our" (meaning State's bureaucrats') choices preeminence above those whom the Iraqis chose.

I also agree with Ledeen that action speaks louder than words, especially when the enemy is in front of us. "Stability" is indeed what precipitated 9/11. We look to a new world, not the same world with different dictators.

It's going to be a great spring for democracy.

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