Monday, February 07, 2005

Thank You

I didn't watch the Superbowl. I wish I had - I wouldn't have missed this.

I always take the opportunity to shake the hands of servicemen/women and let them know how proud of them, and grateful, I am for their duty. I hope you do, too. Don't think I've ever been part of a standing O outside of a welcome home ceremony, though.

(Hat tip: commenter Catherine at Roger L. Simon)

Update 8 Feb: Paul Krugman thought the ad was exploitation on the part of Anheuser-Busch.

It's really quite amazing how one guy can be so clueless on so many levels.

"And it's part of the basic lack of seriousness about a lot of what's going on in this country."

Mr. Krugman, the serious people elected this administration to fight and win this war. The serious people are fighting it. The serious people are waiting to see how we can reform social security so it doesn't explode in a few years.

The unserious people treat the war as a PR problem for their side. The unserious people are denying there are any problems with Social Security that can't be fixed by taxing business into bankruptcy. Or by taxing the ever- attractive "rich". The unserious people are calling Bush Hitler. The unserious people are incapable of using the words "Dick Cheney" in a sentence that doesn't include "Haliburton".

The mere thought of applauding an anonymous service member, or group of them, would never cross the mind of the unserious people.

(Hat tip to Roger, again.)

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