Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I Think This Is Important

Go here, read what columnist Mark Brown has to say about his current thoughts on our struggle to introduce Democracy in Iraq.

I never supported the Bush Doctrine, or the specific objective of democratization as a strategy to overcome Islamist terror, because it was a Republican/Conservative/Bush idea.

I support the policies in place at this time because I think they stand a good chance of success if we do the hard work to make them successful.

Not because of party. Or religion. But because they make sense when viewed through the lens of history. Or when parsed against an honest appreciation of human behavior.

If we give the largest number of individuals possible the same freedoms that we enjoy, is it not just possible that they will make at least as good use as we have?

This is not hubris or imperialism. This is pragmatism. It's beneficence, too, because without we end the threat posed by the seething victims of despotic regimes this way, there's an older, more sure, and all too frequently repeated precedent for ensuring that they won't be able to attack us again.

I'm not asking that Michael Moore put George Bush in his bedtime prayers. I am asking that what's left of the Democrat party take an honest look at the stakes and the policies and maybe take another think at exactly where the crime is in making people free as a counter to tyranny and murder.

Just a thought.

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Mrs. Update: She's being worked on now. The doc is going to call me around noon. I didn't sleep last night, so forgive any imprecision. Please.

Update: This column applies, too. Think of the consequences of the goals you support, folks.

Winning can be a bitter thing.

Yet ANOTHER Update: Commentor notthisgirl posted this link to an essay written by Jeff Simmermon on his blog. I understand he may have been Instalaunched. I find his essay wonderfully well written and his conclusions heartening. Please check him out.

No, he's definitely NOT the usual link you might follow from these pages; I intend to correct that oversight.

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