Monday, January 31, 2005

They're Doing Great Things In Medicine These Days

Mrs. Tmj has surgery tomorrow, and will be in the hospital overnight. As recently as four years ago the procedure would have been much more invasive and the visit for her issue would have been at least three or four days. I guess I should be grateful that the practice of medicine has advanced so far so quickly.

My dad was taken by a malignant melanoma that metastisized into his lymph system. April to August of 1991, it was like watching a man die in a slow-motion explosion.. One calendar year later, to the day of my father's passing, I was spending a day with a buddy who maintained the Apple computer network at the La Jolla Cancer Research Institute. Shortly after lunch, the scientists and researchers broke their routine to celebrate the FDA acceptance of a chemo drug they had done trials on that significantly reduced the mortality of exactly the same cancer that took my dad.


The issue at hand here is not nearly as serious, and I give thanks for that.

Light blogging for the next week.

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