Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday's Post

I think I've spent a lot of my political interest elsewhere over the last few days. Scratch that - I know it to be the case.

There's a lot happening everywhere you look these days. George Bush enraged liberals around the world by aligning America with the expansion of democracy. I'm sure we've enraged the terrorists by capturing Zarqawi's bomb maker and rolling up the odd al Q personnel in Germany, Madrid, and elsewhere (that we'll never know about). I caught a transcript of Ms. Boxer of the Great State of California explaining how Condoleeza Rice used debating skills after Ms.Boxer called her a liar during Rice's testimony before the Senate committee.

If Ms. Boxer is truly representative of California people, maybe there is an arsenic problem with our water supply after all. Or maybe it's just all that medicinal pot. What an embarrassment...

Unfortunately we've got a full plate right here at the home of the Team. No, I didn't head up to Park City today, and blogging will be extremely light until at least the first of February. Mrs. Tmj is heading in for a little bit of work and I'll be doing some double duty. All is expected to be well, but there will be a single day in the grip of the medical infrastructure and then a few weeks of recovery at home.

Your kind thoughts or prayers are always appreciated.

Coming soon: Beauchamp & Finnley, Ltd. Short fiction with satire. Funny, too, I hope.

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