Friday, January 28, 2005

Future, Meet History

As I write this post, a caravan of private vehicles containing over ninety Iraqi expats living in northern Utah are convoying south on 1-15, bound for Los Angeles.

They are going to vote.

Our local AM blowtorch broadcast some interviews as the caravanners were mounting up in downtown Salt Lake. The recurring themes:

1. I've never voted in my life (spoken by a fiftyish-sounding man).

2. What's a few hundred miles on the road? Nobody is going to try to kill us at the polling place.

3. Thank you, America. Thank you for making this possible. Thank you for your young men and women. Thank you for your will.

Somebody gets it. The important somebodies, in this case.

I had to pull over for a few minutes.

Pray for our guys and gals, all of them: American, coalition, and free Iraqi. It's going to be ugly in many places for the next slice of history, but not ugly enough to stop what has been started. I think I'm going to see what's available for Spirit of America, and right after that I think it will be time to pitch in here again, too.

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