Thursday, January 06, 2005

Early Christmas

The Democrats have just protested the Electoral College results from Ohio during the joint session of Congress held to enter the results of the vote into the Federal record.

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Some poor sons of bitches never get the word. Sad to see that a great party is reduced to this, but we do live in a free country.

An Israeli general was once asked how it was Israel always won its wars. He replied "We fight Arabs".

Karl Rove knows exactly how the general felt.

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JPS said...

Ha! Nice. 'Course, the Israelis damn near did lose their last full-scale war with their neighbors (before turning things around, winning so dramatically that the Russians were threatining war if we didn't rein them in, and winning in seventeen days instead of six).

The line I thought of was from a Tory politician right after Margaret Thatcher was elected for (alas!) the last time: "We live in a two-party system. Sooner or later, Labor will elect another Prime Minister. Our job is to hang on until they are sane."