Monday, January 03, 2005

Talk to me, Scotty!

We tried to install a new video card today. Of course the provided drivers were out of date. No, we didn't reset the video to VGA safe. Yes, that's line one of the instructions. It's even printed in boldface on its own page.

We will make another run at it tomorrow, but if the downloaded drivers and cabling tweaks don't do the job it looks like a new and slightly larger power supply.

More power. Mmmmmmmmm.

And another 256K of RAM. More memory. Mmmmmmmmmm.

It could have been worse. My wife was playing Scotty to my Kirk. I don't have to know how to fix it, I just need it to work when the Romulans show up. When I stopped into our computer store to ASK DIRECTIONS of the counter tech I ran into my neighbor. My neighbor didn't get Scotty. He got Bones:

"It's dead, Jim."

Scotty... the wife, that is... decided to reinstall the original card before the kids returned from school so the oldest goddess could do a final edit- and- burn on her PowerPoint presentation.

I didn't pay much attention to politics today. I only had about fifteen minutes on the computer this morning and spent the time running down this story on the liberal elites' visit to Kofi Anan. The final days of Nixon came to mind.

When Nixon's people figured out he was a crook they told him it was time to go. Kofi got consiglieres.

No surprises.

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