Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Listen Up

Ever feel like you could use a compendium source of Iraqi election developments? Something a little more connected than al Reuters, CNN, or the New York Times? Dispatches written by, say, participants in the actual process?

The free marketplace of ideas has responded. Jim Hake of Spirit of America has been coordinating grass roots support from American citizens to aid in the development of democracies in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Now he's created Friends of Democracy, a blog whose mission statement is "Ground- level election news from the people of Iraq".

Michael J. Totten, that firebrand doctrinaire neocon (JUST KIDDING, Michael!) from Portland, is editing the project for the next two weeks. Mr. Totten is a daily stop on my blog safari. He is truly a liberal in every noble sense of the word and a fine writer to boot. We disagree on a lot of things, but we share common goals. He's an excellent host and always has a great debate chugging along on his blog.

Please add Friends to your blogroll and spread the word.

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