Sunday, January 09, 2005

Ruts In The Road

A few posts back I mentioned we were going to install some hardware improvements on our family flagship (i.e. Mom's & Dad's) PC. The new RAM SIM dropped in effortlessly. The outfit that sold us the PC confirmed that our existing powersupply should have NO PROBLEM driving the new video card, just as long as its power dongle was not a part of a series driving other devices. No problem there. Well we followed the instructions, pulled this card, installed that one, connected the cables, pulled the cord and let'er rip.

We don't have ANY video drivers now. We don't have ANY recognized network hardware or software. Oh, and we are totally bereft of clues, too.

I'm writing this post with a stylus on a wax tablet on the kids' living room PC. It will only take about two hours to upload to our local analog ISP via drumbeat code. Smoke signal would be quicker, of course, but it's raining right now.

I'm off to polish brass and do leatherwork. Updates on hardware as things unfold.

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