Saturday, January 01, 2005

Now Comes an End and a Beginning

It's about seven minutes to midnight here in Utah. I'd have to say the past year was definitely one for the books, and amen that it's almost done with.

I haven't worked for wage or salary since December last. I now know more about politics than I ever wanted to know...but I also know my girls better than I think most other dads - of - adolescents do.

I haven't had a drink in four and a half years. Yes, I'm grateful for that. Somewhere, someone (better make that several someones - no sense in wishing ill on the anonymous) is picking up the slack for me and more power to them. They can handle it. I can't.

I don't do resolutions as a rule. I could pick from a broad range this time around - smoking, weight (more on that later), education, and much, much more.

I am grateful for the family I have and for the generous amounts of love that smooth out what rough edges there are. I hope your world is as right as it can be, too.

What of 2005? I'll write more. And submit what I write. We'll see what happens.

RABBIT RABBIT! I got it right this year! Happy New Year, y'all.


Dave Schuler said...

May this year be the best of your life so far.

Keep on keepin' on, TMJ. And you really should post your “Captain Abby” piece. Where did it get posted? Roger's place?

TmjUtah said...

Dave -

It was on Michael Totten's blog. It got linked several times and should pop right up on Google.