Friday, January 07, 2005

Time Capsule

If we're both here a year from now, please feel free to come back and read this article (via Little Green Footballs) a second time.

I used to have a folder in our computer room labeled "Prewar". It was stuffed with hard copies of doom & gloom pieces written by everyone from message board denizens to MSM icons to celebrities and beyond, all published and accumulated prior to our liberation of Afghanistan. I came across it during the sandstorm operational pause during the invasion of Iraq, glanced through it, and sent it off to recycling. Looking back now, I wish I'd kept them for a few more years.

Here's a snippet from today's linked article:

I had done all the usual actions of attempting to speak up and effect change at home-calling and writing Senators/Congresspeople, attending teach-ins, spreading information. After watching the worldwide demonstrations on February 15, 2003 be brushed aside as a "focus group," I knew then that the minds of the American public had been misled by the corporate media who mindlessly supported the objectives of the Bush regime, and reporting the true effects of the invasion/occupation on the Iraqi people and US soldiers was what I needed to do.

Read the article. I've got no comments to add.

See you in a year.


Callimachus said...

Man, that would have been a good one to keep. I regret, too, that I didn't keep a Chicken Little file during the past three-plus years. At least you had the initiative to make one in the first place.

PresbyPoet said...

My problem is the opposite. I save too much stuff, and need to try to find it. Stuff gets buried. You should be able to go to command post and look at their daily posts, or LGF.

I can't decide. Why don't they see that we are about to win? Why do they think we are losing when all the evil ones can do is hit soft targets. I just rejoice that Bush won.

The hard decision is Iran. Do you take it first, or Syria?

I guess i'm just an optimist.