Saturday, January 15, 2005

Required Reading. Again.

This is from Blackfive. He has posted an essay titled "Aiding and Abetting the Enemy: The Media in Iraq", authored by LtCol Tom Ryan, Six of 2/12 Cav, 1st Cav Div.

Media bias isn't aimed at making us lose the war. That's just the price they'd happily pay to bring down the Bush administration, which IS their objective.

Read it all. LtCol Ryan gets it. The comments are entertaining, too, especially the token moonbats who show up to chomsky the issue into end- of- days/Vietnam scenarios.

We lost Vietnam because we never took the enemy's capitol. That is not the case this time around. Two countries down so far, and Syria and Iran know what successful elections in Iraq mean for them. Life is good.


Tom Grey said...

Sorry to disagree T., but I feel fairly strongly that the USA allowed the S. Vietnamese to lose by
a) failing to prepare the S. Viet military personnel for the task of self-defense,
b) failing to provide sufficient hardware, especially jegs,
c) failing to help the local village councils become non-corrupt democracies.

The S. Vietnamese were not sufficiently ready to fight, die, kill and even kill some innocents to beat the N. Vietnamese.

Helping the S. Viets defend themselves should always have been the policy, NOT for the US to win. (My granny wanted us the nuke Hanoi, mine Hai-phong).

(Did you ever look at my Harry Potter (no) Help for the Iraqi People? One of my 'legends')

TmjUtah said...

Tom -

We brought the war to a political end by turning the job over to the Vietnamese. Which only became possible after mining Haiphong AND bombing the last two truck tread sandal factories in the north into air pollution as well as bombing ever bridge, rail, or road junction whether it needed it or not.

Militarily, 72-74 saw almost an end to NVA activity in South Vietnam due to the Abrams policies, our air, and ARVN being equipped and numerous enough to operate effectively.

Don't ever forget that during the early days of Ford's administration we pulled the plug on our treaty obligations with South Vietnam. We had committed as a nation to keeping them in bullets, bandaids, and air support.

We lied. Please note I make no party distinctions. I wasn't of age to vote. Strangely enough I never got a walk-through of our commitements (post U.S. ground involvement) until I started surfing the web.

I don't find any mention of allowing the funding for our commitments die in any history text in use in Utah, either, until you get up to the BYU reading list annex...

One of the phrases that will tick me off every time is "we need to send a message". Well, we sent one then. I hope that our enemy sees beyond our professional propagandists and recognises the one we are sending now.

TmjUtah said...

Tom -

I'm not familiar with your Harry Potter analogy. Is it on one of your blogs?

WichitaBoy said...

It's a good point you make about Vietnam. We let it go through our own duplicity and selfishness. It's a mark of national shame all right, but not for the reasons people normally think....