Saturday, January 01, 2005

Good News Out The Gate For 2005.

Powerline has put up a laundry list of things that are going right in Iraq.

The U.S. is working hard with Australia, Japan, and India to get relief into the earthquake/tsunami disaster area.

UPDATE: And here.
(h/t Instapundit)

Closer to home other things are going well, too:

I was able to help out a friend with a plumbing emergency last night. WalMart was open and had a replacement in stock for a failed drain pipe.

My ninth grade goddess has completed her PowerPoint presentation that will give her extra credit in CompSci and Choir. Youngest goddess has begun her "Objective" poster for art class and will be done with all of her homework when it's finished.

We achieved critical purr mass this morning with all four cats and both kittens splashed across our bed when we woke up. Must be the snow outside.

TSA has forwarded a cash voucher to my brother- in- law so he can replace the LED flashlight they took from his checked luggage. I've never heard of anything like that happening before.

Before Christmas I purchased an extra beefy leather belt blank so I could craft a better concealment system for my full- size .45. In the aftermath of the ladies' Christmas cooking blitzkrieg I find myself capable of concealing both of the Guns of Navarone plus a stylish leather carrying case for the required seventy goose-stepping cannoneers around my waist. The belt blank won't need to be trimmed after all.

I mentioned to the wife that I had missed getting my traditional novelty boxer briefs for Christmas. She looked me in the eye and asked what I thought that was covering my Suburban parked out front.

We're going to pack away the lights, ornaments, and tree tomorrow. Life is good.

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