Saturday, March 05, 2005

Ah, Trust Me Baby...

Syria says it will pull out.

Ladies and gentlemen, you've heard that one before, right?

"After mounting international pressure and faced with daily protests inside Lebanon to end its security presence there, Assad told parliament Syrian troops would initially pull back to the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon and then to the border area.

"By this measure Syria would have fulfilled its commitment toward the Taif Accord and implemented (U.N. Security Council) Resolution 1559," he said.

But they will only pull out to the Bekaa Valley. And no word (no mention or acknowledgement) of their secret police and intelligence apparatus permeating all levels of Lebanese life.

If push should come to shove, I hope that BLT 1/8 is the first coalition unit into the Bekaa. Payback time is way, way overdue.

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