Monday, March 14, 2005

Day One

I'm back in the workforce. This morning I walked the muddy paths that will become graceful roads bordered by fairways by midsummer. We hit the project I will be responsible for surveying on for the next slice of forever just after 0800 this morning. I haven't set foot on a construction site in over a year, but it was actually refreshing to make the acquaintance of the blade guy and the gas contractor in the lee of a an idling grader. It's not a real construction meeting unless you are standing in the mud and shouting over the diesels, you see... Met the super. Met the office folks, met one of the owning partners, got to test drive the latest in GPS surveying technology. No cables. No backpack. Shot two hundred topo points for asbuilt curb in just over an hour.

The wind off the Uintas is chill in the mornings. We still have quite a bit of snow to lose on the top of the job, and the thaw will take time to percolate down and away. I will have about two weeks before the crews are able to really start hammering; two weeks to get up to speed before the real test begins.

I can't wait. It's good to be back. Mom is happy, and so are the goddesses. So am I.

The last time I was drawing a steady check I didn't have a blog; didn't really know what blogs were, to be honest. Now that I'm back in the trade I believe that as far as this journal is concerned, I will scrupulously respect the anonymity of my employer and our clients. This blog is about my opinions, not my job. There may be references to good days and bad days - but we all have those.

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