Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Make The Hurting Stop

I walked four miles in calf deep snow today, some of it crusty and easy to walk on, some of it not. None of it was flat. We needed to locate and tie (determine grid locations) a grundle of section corners as part of a large property survey. Mission accomplished.

Knees are fine. Back and feet may never be the same.

I will be out of town tomorrow through Thursday. The faster I learn about this outfit's procedures for billing, mileage, employee time, and conduct of fieldwork the better off I'll be when I actually run my own crew. So once more into the breach I go.

We had a couple of moose check us out today. Now that spring is about to sproing, the ones you see are the toughest of last year's crop. Over the years I've been fortunate enough to not surprise any of the half dozen or so I've encountered in the field. They react pretty badly to being startled, in general, especially away from water. You did know that immediate action to escape a moose attack (they can kill a wolf with a kick from any leg) is to run down the steepest hill possible, right? Their weight is all forward, and the more aggressive and hugeous the animal, the quicker he or she will go ass over teakettle and forget all about you.

See, you learn all sorts of things on blogs.

I participated in a spirited thread over at Roger's place over the last couple of days. You might want to check it out.

And for the record, the military option against the mullahs is twentysix years overdue. Invading an embassy is an act of war, and that is exactly how they defined our relationship in 1979.

My money is on the Iranian people, though. I believe that they are just about done being victims.

Freedom, and time, fills.

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