Wednesday, March 02, 2005


If it ever comes down to choosing a buddy to share a foxhole with, I'll take James Lileks.

Today's Bleat covers some serious across- the board antics that swing between crass and merely prudish silliness on the part of people who really should know better: Robert Byrd (KKK, W.Va), Howard Dean (DNC chair/missed true calling as a hog caller), and Ted Stevens, (R, AK, babysitter).

Regarding the first two (TRB is generous) men:

Big thinkers. The Middle East is poised to remake itself and repudiate all the tired tropes about Arabs and democracy, and Byrd trots out Adolph’s bones to complain about Senate rules, and Dean jumps up and down in Kansas about the perfidy of personal ownership of a tiny percentage of your Social Security money. Big picture men, indeed.

And about the babysitter:

There’s a certain mindset that sees Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction and sees no problem; there’s another that sees a dank crude stupid S&M routine at the Superbowl and groups it with a flash of teat on a cable movie. I don’t want either group setting the standards. Think of it this way: broadcast TV and radio is the front porch; cable and movies and satellite radio is the living room with the curtains down. We can all censure the man who stands on his own porch and moons the world while employing the full panoply of English cursewords. We have no business parting the curtains to see if he’s in the comfy chair reading Henry Miller.

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