Friday, March 25, 2005

Seeking Advice

The High Command has authorized a weapon modernization program here at the Team.

In short, I am to replace our clapped out Norinco AK-47 in .223 with a newer, more reliable rifle in the same caliber. It's my birthday, and I'm working again! I have my own tastes but am interested in hearing cases for other semiautomatic rifles in the same caliber.

Long experience of 'you get what you pay for' looms large. Having said that, I don't want to pay a cent more than I have to to get what I need. I am a long range shooter but that is not what this purchase will be for. I don't want anything less than sixteen inches in barrel length and would be happier with twenty. I need to be able to use hi-cap mags and prefer pistol grip stocks to sporter profiles. Hitting with a .223 at five hundred meters is an enjoyable challenge but reality is that accuracy out to three hundred will be quite sufficient. And my girls (twelve and fifteen) sorely miss having a "real" rifle they can enjoy shooting.

I have no requirement for bayonet lugs but sight rails would be a plus. I already know what kind of muzzle brake I will be installing.

Suggestions on type, and even retailers who offer something more fair than the shirt- off- your- back grade of merchants I have here in central Utah, would be appreciated.

UPDATE: 3-26 8:00PM - It's a Bushmaster XM15 E25, used. Did o.k. on the price, too.

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