Friday, March 11, 2005


I'd like you to welcome neo-neocon to the Purser's List.

Yet another bit of class sneaks onto the quarterdeck of our happy ship; neo is a lady, a native of New York, and according to her profile she is blogging out of the frustration resultant from finding out that after 9/11 her politics make her apart from family and friends. She's not sure if anyone else has the right label for her, so she's chosen "neo-neocon" and gone from there.

I was introduced to her blog via this Michael J. Totten post, "Catastrophe Theory and War", in which Mr. Totten favorably cited comments by both neo and me.

Please grab a cuppa and run over for a look. For any given subject, different bloggers bring a viewpoint unique to their training and background. I liked neo's post from yesterday about Mr. Soros for just that reason. She wrote:

" But, as I've written before, the left wishes very badly to believe the terrorists to be both rational actors and innocent victims. They consistently use the language of victimization--for which, once again, the spread of popular notions of therapy must take some blame."

Welcome aboard, ma'am.

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