Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Vodkapundit Shoots and Scores

Please check out Stephen Green's post on Perspective.

It's a keeper.

The events of the last few days have overwhelmed me. I am in a mild state of shock.

I have been a vocal and persistent voice that democratization could work - even for Arabs and Muslims. My reaction to the wave building in Iraq, the Ukraine, and now Lebanon tells me that I probably have a buried a lot of doubt (I am a lot more cynical than I let on sometimes) that is struggling for survival in whatever dark corner it has been hiding.

I am privileged to have known some Iwo vets. One of my best friend's dad was a sergeant there. He (the dad) has consciously counted every day since he left Iwo (as a casualty) as a gift from God. And he's certain that dropping the bomb was the only reason he survived World War II.

We are engaged in a world war - the fourth, by my reckoning. The cost in blood, when placed against other great conflicts we have been in, has been relatively light. The only way to end the killing is to end the war.

It looks like we may be on the way to doing just that. We live in wondrous times.

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