Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Reason Four...

Why I don't take democrats seriously:

Overheard on "The Daily Show with John Stewart" during an interview with former Clinton aid Nancy Soderberg, as she thought she was shilling her book:

Soderberg: Well, there's still Iran and North Korea, don't forget. There's hope for the rest of us.

Hope? For whom, Ms. Soderberg? We are pissing billions of dollars and bleeding by buckets to see an idea take root - the idea that societies of free people living under democratic, constitutional democracies won't generate the homicidal barbarians we have come to know all too well this past generation or so. We aren't shipping rice to Asia or medicine to Africa for some dictator to exploit, all in the name of "stability".

Who has grounds for hope, according to Ms. Soderberg, and why?

I'll leave it for you to discover the context. The rest of the story is here at WSJ's Best of the Web.

If the world was an arena of fair play, G.W. Bush would have high schools, public buildings, and particularly lethal warships named after him. But it's not that way so we'll just have to wait and see.

(via Instapundit) Yes, again.

I kind of like the sound of "The G.W. Bush Federal Administration Building"; especially if it were to be built in San Francisco.

I believe I'm going to get ahead of the curve and designate my favorite gold panning spot as "Bush Draw". I always find color, and am more often than not pleased with what I end up with at the end of a weekend.

If anyone is interested, my secret hole is within two miles of Mineral Flats, north of Tibble Fork Resevoir.

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