Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Holy Egregious Oversight Batman!

Have you ever made a habit of doing something so much a part of your daily routine that it becomes reflex?

I'm not talking brushing teeth here - I only do that twice a day.

Gerard Van Der Leun first came to my attention via his comments over at Roger L. Simon. I discovered his blog shortly thereafter and made his site a daily multistop on my web safari.

No, multistop isn't a word. It's late in Utah, and I've spent eleven of the last thirteen hours working in the midst of and on the edges of our ongoing spring blizzard.

I would add some biographical remarks regarding Mr. Van Der Leun, but I don't know where to start. Writer, Poet, IT professional, and 11,200 hits when you put his name in Google.

I read his site two or three times daily. I've gotten email from the man.

And tonight I found "Three Rounds Brisk..." on his blogroll. I was pretty stunned; of course, I've ALWAYS had American Digest on my list, right up there after Roger L...


Please extend a hearty welcome, including sideboys and cannon salute, as American Digest is entered into the Purser's List.

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